Frequently Asked Questions About Canderel

Replacing sugar with a low-calorie sweetener can prove extremely useful in helping to maintain a healthy weight. Sweeteners contain very few calories and because they are very sweet, only a tiny amount provides the same sweetness as sugar. Low-calorie sweeteners, such as those in Canderel, are available in tablet and granulated forms, making them a highly versatile alternative to sugar. They can be used in cooking, sprinkled on cereals, desserts and fruit, as well as in hot drinks. Canderel has zero calories per tablet, and less than 2 calories per teaspoon, whereas a teaspoon of sugar contains 20 calories.

Canderel Red range

Yes. Aspartame is made from two amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. When we consume foods or drinks containing Aspartame, the sweetener is broken down to its component parts, which are treated in exactly the same way as if they had come from meat, milk or vegetables. Aspartame brings nothing new to the diet

Canderel Green and Stevia

Canderel Green is a new low calorie alternative to sugar that's made using extracts of the Stevia plant. It is an additional range to the Canderel brand with a great new taste. Canderel Green is available in tablet format, in granular format and now also in Crystalline powder. The Canderel Green range is perfect to add the sweet flavour of the Stevia leaf to hot drinks and everyday dishes

Canderel Yellow and Sucralose

Canderel Yellow is a low calorie alternative to sugar, which has been formulated with a special blend of ingredients including Sucralose. It is an additional range to the Canderel brand with a new taste. Canderel Yellow is available in tablet format and also in granular format. Our Canderel Yellow granular is perfect for superior baking with sweet results at high temperatures.

Cooking and Baking with Canderel

Canderel Yellow granular is ideal for cooking and baking with superior results at high temperatures. Canderel Yellow granular can be used spoon for spoon in place of sugar in many of your favourite dishes (remember if weighing out, divide the sugar quantity by 10). Use it for cakes, cookies, muffins, pies and pastries, brownies and cheesecake. It can also be used in frostings, icing, glazes, bakery fillings and toppings. You can also use Canderel Yellow granular in savoury dishes that sometimes need a little sweetness, why not visit the Canderel Kitchen for delicious recipe ideas?